The online business world is vast, and continues to grow and evolve daily. With billions of people connected to internet information every day, the possibilities in capturing a piece of the online business market are incredible. The opportunity to see your online home business ideas become a viable income stream exists, but where do you start?

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Do What You Love

Easier said than done, right?

When faced with the need to provide, people will do what they need to do. You go where the jobs are hiring. You succumb to the traditional path of apply, accept, train, work, and work harder. You have faith that your hard work will eventually pay off. The sad realization is that most people never feel appreciated or rewarded to the extent that they should be.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

While there is some truth to the meaning behind that statement, it also carries a deceiving underlying message that some people have it easy. But doing what you love doesn’t mean that you don’t work hard. In fact, often times self-employed people work more hours than employees do because they are more motivated to build their own business than someone else’s.

Online Home Business Ideas

How to Reward Yourself

The best way to ensure you receive the rewards you desire, is to work for yourself.

Become self-employed, create a business plan, hold yourself accountable, put in the effort that YOU deserve, and build yourself an empire.

It’s easier than you think (comparatively speaking), and you CAN do it.

The only difference between you and the person who is already doing it, is that they DECIDED.

They made a CHOICE. They took ACTION.

Where Do You Even Start?

Working online can mean one of two things:

1. You find work; AKA a job online that compensates you for your time.

2. You start an online business.

If you find an online job, there are advantages, and there are risks.

The advantages are a paycheck, and sometimes included benefits such as health insurance and 401K. But, often times, working online means you act as a sole proprietor, and you would have to seek these benefits, coverages, and investments on your own.

The risk is, of course, that if you lose that job, or quit, the paycheck also stops as well as any benefits you may have been receiving. This is the same risk you have with any job.

While there are definitely legitimate online jobs, and I’m not talking about surveys or apps that pay a few dollars here and there, the title of this article is Online Home BUSINESS Ideas.

So, let’s talk online business…

Who Can Start an Online Business?

If you’re of legal age where you live (you may need to research your local laws if you happen to be a motivated and inspired teenager), and you have a computer with an internet connection, then you can start an online business.

Online business does not discriminate! It is available for all who choose to embrace it!

Let’s look at some groups of people who can start an online business:

  • Stay at home Mom or Dad
  • Retired (or about to retire)
  • Veteran
  • Disabled
  • College student
  • Seasonal Worker: Teacher, Tax Adviser, General Contractor, etc
  • Prior convict unable to find a job
  • Small local business owner (brick and mortar)
  • Blogger, content writer, internet marketer, affiliate marketer, MLMer
  • Freelancer, Author, Artist, Musician
  • Web designer, programmer, SEO Adviser, Social Media manager
  • Passive income seeker
  • Multiple streams of income seeker

Do you fall into any of those categories?

Anyone Can Make Money at Home

How Do You Start an Online Business?

If you want to start an online business, then you are going to need a website.  And I’m going to tell you how to build one for FREE.

What kind of website depends on what you intend to do with it.

This is where the online business IDEAS come in…

Remember when I said, “Do what you love?”

You can literally choose ANY idea, ANY topic, ANY niche, and monetize it. Think about this…

There are BILLIONS of people online every day searching and researching different things. When you browse the internet, what are you doing? You are looking for information to either learn something, or buy something.

How Do You Get Your Own Website?

To “get” your own website, you need a website builder, a website host, training on how to maintain your site, tech support, and guidance on how to monetize your site. (You want to make money, right?)

Sound scary?

It could be, if you had to do all of that on your own.

But, you don’t!

I’m going to tell you where you can get all of that in ONE place, and you can start for FREE.

Introducing SiteRubix

Website Builder

SiteRubix is the most advanced All-in-One platform available today for online business.

Powered by Wealthy Affiliate, and offering professional designs by WordPress, SiteRubix provides all of the necessary training, support, and tools through an easy to follow Step-by-Step program that will have your first website LIVE WITHIN MINUTES!

[ For a complete and thorough review of SiteRubix, see this article: FREE Website Building, Hosting, and Support ]

Not only do you get a website builder, with included website hosting, and support, but you also get access to training tutorials, videos, webinars, and a community of 100’s of 1000’s of entrepreneurs.

Start building. Ask questions along the way. Receive full training and support every step of the process.

What Do You Do NOW?

If you want to remain on this website to review further information, simply click here to see my detailed article on the SiteRubix website building platform.

If you’d like to go directly to the SiteRubix website to review more information straight from the source, then use this link:


Click the button below and begin building your site immediately. It’s free to get started, and you will not be asked for your credit card. So go ahead and try it!

SiteRubix FREE Website Builder


Owner of

P.S. I personally use the SiteRubix platform. That’s right! This website was built by SiteRubix, powered by Wealthy Affiliate, and has full hosting and support 24/7!

What does that mean?

It means, that if you decide to use SiteRubix/Wealthy Affiliate, you will meet me in the WA Community!

I wish you success, and I hope to see you on the “Inside!”


Comments (20)

  1. AV2001


    Hey Cris,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of valuable information. I’m a college student and I plan to start my own online business, but the first step is to build a website. If I were to use the SiteRubix website building platform, do I need to learn how to code?

    Thank you for taking your time in writing this detailed blog!

    • Cris


      Great question! The answer is… No! You do not need to know how to code. You don’t need to have any programming experience whatsoever. All of the technical stuff is handled behind the scenes. You work from the visual side, creating your original content, and the “code” side is done for you!

  2. RoDarrick


    This post is good, very informative. I actually read and scrutinized every word just to see where it was headed, because I already have an online business. I found this article to be very thorough and detailed. And, I agree with you. The best platform IS through SiteRubix provided by Wealthy Affiliate. That’s what I use too. You do get access to every single thing you need in one place. Coming across Wealthy Affiliate is the best thing that has happened to my progress in the online marketing world. Great of you to share it!

    • Cris


      Thank you for sharing, and for the kind words. I’ll see you around the WA Community!



    I have always had the urge to be self employed. When I was a kid I loved the idea that I could be my own boss, and I’m very innovative. I started my online career by working for people as a freelancer and getting paid on every order I completed. I love to work at my convenience and travel when ever I feel like. It’s an amazing lifestyle! 

    So I’ve started my career in Wealthy Affiliate to continue doing what I love, but for myself. It’s just amazing because I’ve started building my website in the business niche and I am enjoying every second I spend online. Freelancing is great, but if there are no jobs coming in then I don’t get paid. With Wealthy Affiliate, I create my own stable income.

    • Cris


      You and I sound very alike! Freelancing is wonderful, but, like you said, you still rely on someone else for the paycheck. Glad you found WA to continue doing what you love and create a solid passive income!

  4. Queen


    I really appreciate stumbling upon this article today. You’ve given me all the necessary details I needed to make the decision to move forward so I can succeed online.

    I have always been skeptical about make money online “products” because they always make promises they never fulfill. But like you say, I can build my own website and learn to start my own business. And no money up front? That seems like something legitimate to me and I am willing to give it a try.

    Thanks for this…

    • Cris


      You’re welcome! It’s what I do! 

      I’m glad that I could lead you to the right place to start your business for free. Initial investment is hard for a lot of people, especially when you’re unsure of what you’re actually receiving for that investment. When you can start for free, and see the benefit in what you’ve started before investing in it, it relieves some of the stress of taking on the adventure of an online business owner. 

      Best wishes in your new beginning, and I’ll see & support you on the inside!

  5. osinachi1


    I feel encouraged after going through this article about online home business. I am motivated enough to go ahead and build my own website. After going through this page and some other ones I got to understand Wealthy Affiliate better and just how SiteRubix works. Thanks for this info and I hope to hear from you soon because I am ready to get started.

    • Cris


      That’s great! I’ll look for you inside the platform, and make sure you get on the right track. It’s easy… just follow the instruction messages! If you have any questions, let me know!

  6. mohammadahm1


    I feel as though I have benefited greatly by reading this article. I have been very interested in starting my own business online for a long time, and this is just the information I’ve been looking for. I just learned how to do business online, for FREE! 

    This article about how to start an online business is very important for people who are looking because this is easy to understand and put into action immediately. Thank you very much for writing this article. I plan to share it… right after I get started!

    • Cris


      Wonderful! Thanks for the ‘Share,’ and I look forward to working with you in the Community!

  7. Todd Matthews


    Currently, I’m at the crossroads of looking for a way out of my day job so I can fully pursue my online businesses, and I have three right now that I want to devote my full-time attention to. My strength by far is writing. So for me, it makes sense to offer freelance writing services. Being both a blogger and an author my experience here at WA in 2019 should ease the transition. Using the SiteRubix builder has been an easy way to get into online business.

    For me, work just isn’t work if I’m doing what I love, regardless of the amount of work, and freelancing also fits that void. With three websites plus maybe even more down the road and a freelance business, a thirteen-hour marathon for me would just be another good day at the office. 

    • Cris


      The SiteRubix platform is any blogger’s, writer’s, freelancer’s dream! It’s easy to use. You have your website up and running within minutes, and ready to share all of your thoughts, ideas, and stories. Glad you found it, and thank you for sharing your experience here. Congrats on your road to quitting your job and operating your online businesses from home!

  8. Nick


    Hi Cris,

    This is a well presented and informative article about online home business. I already have an online business and that’s the main reason I found your article interesting. 

    SiteRubix is indeed the best platform one can use to build a website. I am telling this from my own personal experience as I have built my own website with the SiteRubix platform powered by Wealthy Affiliate. 

    The best thing for any beginner is that Wealthy Affiliate gives them two free websites using the SiteRubix platform and that comes with free web hosting! It’s the best way in which they can explore getting started in home business.


    • Cris


      Thank you, Nick, for taking the time to comment here for my readers. Congrats on your success using the SiteRubix platform! I’m always glad to hear other website owner’s stories, and sharing your experience may help a new entrepreneur start their own business!

  9. Strahinja


    Hello and thank you for this informative article. I am still scared of taking that first step and starting my own online business. Mostly because I think that creating a website will be a hard thing to do. I see here that you say it is actually easy and that my website will be live in a matter of minutes. How is that possible?


    • Cris


      Yes! In minutes, your own website can be live! 

      SiteRubix utilizes themes that are designed for and offered through WordPress. So, following the 4 steps above, you select a pre-built website template, then customize it to be your own. SiteRubix is powered by Wealthy Affiliate, so you’ll have step-by-step training through the entire process, which makes it incredibly easy. 

      What’s amazing is that you can try it for free! No credit card or personal information is needed.  So, no worries! Get started here: 2 Free Websites with SiteRubix!

  10. Mary


    Doing a 9-5 job doesn’t allow me to travel as much as I want to or to spend time with my family, so I am looking to have a home-based business. Owning an online business is something that I always wanted to do, but I had questions. How to start it and where to host a website safely is not an easy decision. 

    Thank you for sharing the ways to start an online business and a platform where I can build a free website to try. It saves me initial cost to test it out.

    • Cris


      You’re welcome, Mary. It’s the best way to start your own online business without any up front cost. Congrats on your new road to entrepreneurship! You’ll find all the help that you need once you get started for free. The community that you gain access to is very large, and generous when it comes to helping out new members. I really think you’re going to enjoy the process of creating your first website!

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