It’s the modern American dream; to make a living working at home. With the growing interest in work at home jobs, and the technology in many fields to accommodate the demand, the non-traditional options have greatly increased over the last few years. More companies are offering flexible telecommute positions, as well as full time remote positions.

If you’re interested in finding a remote position, but worry about scammers, spammers, and frauds, then this article can help shed some light on the current work-at-home scene. There are easy ways to find legit online jobs at home, and make your dream of working at home a reality. First, let us help you develop an understanding of the whole work at home dynamic…

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Why More and More People are Seeking Work at Home Jobs

Let’s face it. The advantages of working at home are pretty incredible! Namely:

  • No Commute
  • No Dress Code
  • Custom Work Environment
  • Flexible Hours

Most people who work at home will state that it not only offers flexibility, but also relieves stress, and boosts work efficiency. With no coworker distractions, a home worker is able to focus and complete tasks at a much better pace than when surrounded by other office staff.

Flexibility in work hours and environment often means more free time or family time. You can pick your kids up from school, make that Tues morning Dr appointment, or RSVP yes to that mid-week lunch date.

No commute and no dress code are major cost savings, especially for those who live in urban jungles requiring excessive travel times. (LA 90 minute commute anyone?)

Additionally, many employers will still offer a benefits package for remote workers which may include health insurance, a 401K, and even bonuses.

Why More and More Employers are Offering Work at Home Jobs

Employers all over the world have taken notice of a shift in the workforce. Many companies are restructuring to create both telecommute and full remote positions, and are happy to do it. Why?

  1. They know it’s what job seekers want
  2. They know it will save them money

It results in a mutually beneficial work relationship that:

  • Reduces Employer Overhead Costs
  • Reduces Employee Absences
  • Improves Employee Morale and Performance
  • Increases Employee Productivity and Efficiency

It’s a Win-Win.

So, where do you find these companies that hire for a telecommute or remote position? And how do you know if the jobs are legit or a scam?

Online Jobs that are Not Scams

First, let’s consider some of the industries that are hiring for online positions:

  • Health: Nursing, Coding, Transcription
  • Computers: IT, Web Development
  • Business Administration: HR, Project Management
  • Marketing, Advertising
  • Finance: Investments, Taxes, Accounting
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Teaching, Training
  • Real Estate
  • Travel

What types of jobs are available in those industries?

While many people will immediately think of customer service phone reps, there are a lot of options that don’t involve customer service or phones.

If providing customer service is your thing, and you like to talk on the phone, then you can easily find an at home position for nearly any type of business. Start your search with your local job ads site, and you’re likely to find several positions available.

TIP: The nice thing about searching locally is you may be familiar with the companies, and, therefore, have very little risk in falling into a scam ad.

No Phones, Please

If you’re not into the on-the-phone customer service rep jobs, don’t worry! There are many other options to consider.

You may want to search for these type of positions:

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Social Media Account Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Transcriptionist
  • Medical Coder / Biller
  • Virtual Bookkeeper
  • Freelance Writer
  • Proofreader
  • Tutor (languages, various subjects, testing, etc)
  • Personal Travel Agent
  • Or, how about this unique position we found… a Navigational Director for the Blind (Info below)

While some of these positions may require you to be on the phone some of the time, you would be helping to direct, teach, and guide, rather than fielding customer service questions and issues.

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It’s true that some at home positions require degrees or specific training, such as a Web Designer, but others may only require common skills or past experience with related work, such as a Virtual Assistant. The job examples above are positions that seem to be always available somewhere. Where do you find them?

Use Reputable Job Listing Sites:

  1. Indeed
  2. FlexJobs
  3. Monster
  4. CareerBuilder
  5. Snag-a-Job
  6. ZipRecruiter
  7. Glassdoor
  8. WeWorkRemotely
  9. TheLadders
  10. LinkedIn

All of the major job listing sites now have jobs listed for telecommute or remote positions. Use the provided search bar and enter terms such as: remote, telecommute, work at home, work from home, flexible schedule, or online jobs. You can even use specific job titles or descriptions to search, such as “Virtual Assistant” or “Tutor.” You’ll be surprised by all of the available positions.

An advantage to seeking a remote job is that you can perform your job hunt remotely as well. If you are reading this in the USA, know that there are sites just like FlexJobs across the globe. Check out the remote job listings at Airtasker, for example. Airtasker is “Australia’s largest job marketplace,” and currently has several remote jobs listed. Opportunity is everywhere!

Need Quick Cash?

These are sites you can check out for quick cash online jobs:

Fiverr – A freelance services marketplace where you can fulfill jobs such as Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Website Building, Translation, Illustrations, Picture Editing, Video Editing, Voice Overs, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Business Branding and sooooo much more. With upfront payment disclosure and guaranteed payment, you have nothing to lose here.

UpWork – “The world’s largest online workplace.” Another resource for freelancer jobs in WebDev, Writing, Customer Service, Marketing, Accounting, Consulting, Sales, Translation, and much, much more.

These are sites that connect you to quick cash local (in your neighborhood) jobs:

Task Rabbit – Freelance jobs for in-demand labor including cleaning, moving, assembling, delivering, etc. Think of it as your local “handyman” resource. FYI – their parent company is IKEA.

Takl – Another “handyman” freelance job site. You can find local jobs for housekeeping, moving, painting, delivery, pet care, assembly, and more.

While none of these provide a stable, consistent income, they are great for fast extra cash. (And it can add up!) In fact, there are people who make substantial full time livings just from continually answering job ads from the sites above.

TIP: Some of the job ads you find WILL be ongoing. So, if you perform well, you may have the opportunity to secure a long-term cash flow, albeit probably temporary.

Bonus: Freelancing allows you a range of options for creating income. Love a job you found on one of the sites? Look for other related jobs. Didn’t enjoy a job you completed? Simply avoid responding to those ads in the future. The opportunities are broad, and as a freelancer, you choose what you want!

Have You Ever Heard of Aira (EYE-rah)?

One of the most unique jobs that we’ve found, that is completely remote, is an Aira Agent, or a navigational director for the blind. There are no special qualifications to apply for an Agent position. You simply submit an initial application, then take a navigation test to see if you are capable of communicating to blind people who are in of need directional assistance. A microphone and speakers, or headset, is required for communication (you WILL need this in order to complete the test). We tried it and found it to be quite fun!

Here’s a look at the Aira careers page to see if it may be a fit for you. They are highly rated by current employees in regard to work satisfaction, pay, and benefits. Plus, if you live in the San Diego area, where the headquarters is located, there are some additional perks to stopping into the office.

Company Websites Display Job Openings

Don’t forget that most companies post job openings on their own website. So if there is a company that you may be interested in working for, check out their business website and see if they happen to be offering any work online positions. There are many major brands that hire people to work at home including:

  • American Express
  • Dish Network
  • GE Healthcare
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Amazon

As you can see, those brands are all in different industries, and they offer a broad range of opportunity.

How to Detect and Avoid Work at Home Job Scams

Just because you use a reputable job listing website doesn’t guarantee that you won’t find someone trying to scam you. Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere. You’ve heard it before…”If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

But not always! Because of the demand, and increasing supply, of online jobs, there are some pretty awesome choices out there. Use common sense. Use reviews and reference sites when your able to, such as The BBB – Better Business Bureau. Not all companies are listed with the BBB, but if they are, you’ll find information on whether the job offer is legit or not.

[ I wrote an article a while back on the Amazon rep scams in 2018, and included some good pointers. You can find that article here: Amazon Scams in 2018: Riskiest of the Top Ten Scams ]

Be aware that often times the terms “work at home jobs” and “work at home online” are used interchangeably, but can be two very different things.

A “Work at Home Job” ad, usually, is indicating that there is an employer / employee relationship, and that you will be paid for your time. However, some private advertisers with “opportunities” will also use that terminology to get traffic to their ads.

“Work at Home Opportunities” are entirely different. These ads are usually referencing independent positions that you can create and build through some type of networking or product promotion. While many of these are legit and lucrative sources, you must do your due diligence in researching before joining, especially if there is any investment involved. (This is the niche that most scammers target, because deep down people want to believe they’ve found the easy way out, and scammers know how to take advantage of that!)

Most major job listing sites also have advice articles, such as this one from Monster:

If you’re not yet familiar with the Penny Hoarder, you may want to subscribe to their email list to receive useful information on earning and saving, including current at-home job openings. They provide an article on work from home scams as well. You can read it here:

Multiplying Your Efforts

One of the neat things about working online at home, is that a lot of the jobs are flexible hours, or part-time, which allows for additional employment or income opportunities. * Cha-ching *

If you’re interested in optimizing your at-home income, then finding multiple income options is a great strategy.

For example: start a transcription job at home, and become a tutor. Tutoring is extremely flexible. Some people only complete one session per day, while others complete four a day. It can be a wonderful 2nd option for extra income.

Check out these Tutoring jobs:

QKid – No teacher’s degree necessary, though they do prefer a BA and some sort of teaching experience. They regularly hire stay-at-home moms, college students, and those who have a passion for teaching children. The job consists of helping Chinese children learn English through the use of a preset curriculum that includes fun learning games. Pay is currently $16-$20 /hr. (No, you don’t have to know how to speak Chinese!)

VIPKid – Similar to the info above. Job consists of teaching English to Chinese and Korean students. Pay is currently up to $22 / hr. They do require a BA and one year of teaching experience.

Magic Ears – Possible the best option for a tutoring position, as they claim to pay $22-$26/hr. There is no FAQ page on their site, or mention of a required degree, but I have seen third party statements that a degree is not needed. Worth applying if you’re interested in teaching from home!

If you love to read, and have an eye for catching grammatical errors, you could find an editing or a proofreading job.

The point is to keep an open mind, and make good use of your time. You can find multiple at home jobs that can be done either simultaneously or in conjunction to optimize your at-home earnings.

As time allows, multiply your efforts and multiply your income!

The Shift to Online Business

If all of this sounds great, but you feel restricted with an at-home job, then maybe cutting the employer rope all together is the answer for you. There are many ways to earn income online through your own website business, such as an independent blog, an online store (ever heard of Shopify?), or a site promoting products or services offered by your own brick-and-mortar if you happen to have one.


You need 3 basic things to start and run any website:

  1. Website Builder, such as WordPress, with ready-to-use pre-built themes (no coding involved)
  2. Website Host, such as Blue Host or Host Gator
  3. Training on how to monetize your type of website through appropriate use of affiliate programs and ads

You can seek each of these things independently, or you can use a service that provides all of the necessary features in one package, such as Wealthy Affiliate.

You can create a personal blog, open an e-commerce store, or, if you’re already a business owner, create your own website to reach more customers.

When you build a website, you OWN it. It’s yours to grow and can earn you money for as long as you maintain it. Keep in mind, this is not fast. It takes time and energy to build a successful online business. You need content, and you need visitors (customers). Attain those things, and you get income.

I recommend WA to anyone looking to build passive online income, with no employer strings attached. You can read the review I wrote on WA earlier this year to see why it’s currently my #1 recommendation.

I hope you found this article helpful in your search for online income from home. Here are some things we’d be interested to hear from you...

Do you currently work from home? Are you employed or self-employed?

Are you looking for your first source of at-home income, or for additional sources to create multiple income streams?

Would you prefer to find a remote job, or start your own online business? (or both?!)

Please join in the conversation below with your comment, question, or experience!


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