If you’re an aspiring blogger, website owner, or online marketer, then the phrase ‘search engine optimization’ is one that you hear often. When you’re not familiar with the phrase, it can raise a lot of questions. What does it mean, exactly? Why is it important? Do you need to use it? What happens if you don’t use it?

This article is the answer to those questions. Learn search engine optimization, the right way. Follow these basic steps that I provide to optimize your blog or website, and you’ll be on your way to finding readers, creating traffic, increasing followers, increasing subscribers, and growing your Brand.

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of creating website content that is intentionally enhanced for search engines to find it and display it as a top result when a User searches for a particular keyword or keyword phrase.

In other words, it’s optimizing your online content so that people will find you through a search bar, without the use of paid advertising.

Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?

The amount of information online literally grows by the second. At every moment, there are people writing and publishing posts and pages of content with the purpose of reaching an online audience. This amounts to millions of new articles each and every day.

With that much content available to browse on the internet, how will your content be found?

Through the use of good SEO practices, you can optimize your blog or website to higher rankings in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, allowing it to be found through search.

When someone finds you through a search engine, and clicks on your content, you have succeeded in generating ‘organic traffic.’

Organic traffic is any non-paid website traffic. This includes word-of-mouth traffic, the flow of visitors to your blog or website by way of a keyword search engine inquiry, or any unpaid online marketing such as a referral through the website’s social media account or a backlink from another website.

Good Search Engine Optimization Tactics

Do You Need to Use SEO?

The answer is always: YES.

If you’re not using keywords in your content that are being searched for in a search engine, then people may not find your content, and you could lose an income stream!

Organic traffic is the best traffic to have finding your content because it is not dependent on anything else (with the exception of a backlink), and it’s free.

As long as there are search engines, people will find you if you are using good SEO.

Other ways of generating traffic, such as social media marketing or paid ads, are wonderful, but out of your control. If something happens to that traffic source, then you could go from having a great income stream to nothing in a second.

For example:

  • If you create a website, ignore all of the suggestions for incorporating SEO into your content, and only use Facebook to market your Brand, then if anything happened to Facebook, your business would immediately die. Any income you were generating would stop, and you’d be starting over.
  • Likewise, if you own an Ecommerce or WooCommerce site, and you rely on one affiliate program for income, then that affiliate program closes, your business would immediately die. Any income you were generating would stop, and you’d be starting over.

The saying “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket,” is very crucial when trying to establish your Brand and create an online source of income. In due time, you will be utilizing several methods of online marketing, and could be creating several streams of online income.

No matter what you choose to implement, remember…

It’s extremely important to use SEO to create your own sustainable organic traffic.

 What Happens if You Don’t Use SEO?

Well, if you think that it’s too much extra work to worry about SEO in your content, then you will find that you are missing out on organic search traffic. This means that you will have to do much more marketing in order to get any traffic to your content, and, as I just explained, you risk several uncontrollable variables.

If you’re spending 4, 5, even 8 hours researching and writing a quality, lengthy blog post or online article, then the 10 to 20 minutes it takes to do a little keyword research and strategic placement is well worth your efforts. Believe me.

Your Guide to Proper Use of SEO

First, understand that SEO is not just the use of keywords. It includes the design and layout of your website, the strategic placement of keyword phrases in your content, as well as the images used throughout your site.

What you want to provide your audience for great SEO:

  • Quality, Relevant Content using correct Grammar, Spelling, and Puncuation
  • Relevant Keywords in your Title, first Paragraph, and one optimal spot in the Body of your content
  • Extensive knowledge on your Topic (several pages/posts over 1000 words each)
  • Descriptive Images with Relevant Titles
  • Relevant Internal and External Links to Products, Services, or References

Notice the keyword here: Relevant.

The search engines want to provide users the most relevant information they can find on the internet related to whatever words or phrases the users are searching.

If you follow the rules above, you will find that your content will rank high in the search engine results pages (serps), your organic traffic will increase, and your Brand awareness will grow, thus resulting in even more organic traffic. You see the cycle?

Blackhat SEO

Avoid Blackhat SEO

Blackhat SEO is the use of deceptive or unethical tactics that mean to trick the search engine or mislead users. The practices are not only frowned upon, but can lead to very serious consequences, including penalties by the search engine and getting banned, which is the exact opposite of what you want to accomplish.

Blackhat SEO tactics include keyword stuffing, duplicating content, spamdexing, cloaking, use of invisible text, and use of external linking to non-relevant information.

Why do people use it? Because, it can often lead to quick cash. If you’re looking to practice blackhat seo, you’re on the wrong website.

I teach the allowed and suggested methods of whitehat seo that lead bloggers, website owners, and online marketers to long-term sustainable online business growth.

Because of the use of Blackhat tactics, search engines often change their algorithms, which leaves some people frustrated. The bottom line is, the search engines want quality, relevant information to provide their users. No matter what changes may occur to any algorithms, the rules remain the same.

Follow the rules, and you will succeed in SEO.


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I hope you’ve found this article, “Learn Search Engine Optimization (the Right Way!)” helpful. If you have any questions, or comments, leave them below, and I’ll be glad to help you out!


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Comments (10)

  1. Louise



    Thank you for this helpful information. I find it very valuable. SEO can be quite confusing to me as after extensive research which shows me that a certain keyword is high ranking, I then find that 100″s of other websites have used the same keyword. It is very competitive, so getting it right as you describe takes time, hard work, and dedication to research.

    Thank you for the further insights I have gained by reading your article.

    • Cris


      Your absolutely right, Louise. The more competitive a keyword or phrase, the harder it will be to rank high, and for people to find you. A little research for less competitive keywords goes a long way. Thank you for commenting here!

  2. akshaysaxena


    Awesome article, Cris. I agree SEO is the most important factor for each website. Newbies may find it difficult to learn these technical jargons, but with a little practice, SEO becomes handy to use. You’ve highlighted very essential points on SEO in this article and emphasized its usefulness.

    I look forward to more posts on SEO on your website. SEO is a huge topic. I heard of some paid SEO tools as well. They’re suppose to significantly improve website ranking in search engines. Do you suggest any of those to website owners?

    • Cris


      Thank you for the kind words. I believe you are referring to SEM, which typically involves paid marketing, though the term is often used as an umbrella as well. I do recommend using a broad variety of marketing, with a strong use of organic SEO strategy. Any traffic that increases exposure to your content/website is good, but how much one is willing to spend, and what amount makes sense is, of course, different in each case. If paid marketing is your only method of traffic, and you lose said method, it can completely ruin your business if you haven’t incorporated basic SEO techniques such as keywords use. Yes, we plan to add more SEO articles, including paid marketing methods. Watch for updates!

  3. Roopesh


    Very helpful indeed. To be honest with you, as an affiliate marketer, I was going to take the route of PPC. You said something that got me ‘standing in my tracks’ and made me realize something so profound. Going this route can also have a major risk of an uncertain path. At any time, you can lose this source of traffic and your website will suffer.

    I was in a very similar spot with an online forum. I was getting some really good traffic as a result of answering questions and helping the community. All of a sudden, they canceled the links to my site, and I lost everything!

    SEO is definitely the way to go. Yes, it’s hard work and takes time, but I believe its worth it. You have highlighted some excellent benefits of using SEO. Thanks for the post.



    • Cris


      So sorry, Roopesh, to hear of your lost forum traffic. Forums, social media platforms, and PPC campaigns can be wonderful for increasing traffic, but it’s best to incorporate those channels after following the guidelines for generating organic SEO traffic to prevent the very thing that happened to you in the forum. You can’t control the actions of any accessory channel, but you can follow the guidelines for strong SEO thus creating your own organic traffic through relevant quality content. Thank you for sharing your story!

  4. Chelsea


    This topic is definitely important when it comes to me owning my own site! I need to use SEO to keep my website ranked! I like that you talked about the do’s and dont’s here. Thank you for highlighting certain things so that we can see where they are and what to pay attention to! Very helpful.

  5. Jag


    Enjoyed reading your article about search engine optimization. 

    Back a few years ago I never really gave keywords any importance, and like you say, unless you use keywords no one will be reading your blog, because no one will find you. Great tips right here. Now I think researching keywords, and understanding SEO, is one of the most important things when starting a blog or online business.

    • Cris


      Yes, highly important in order to be found in the search engines, and create organic traffic.

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