What is Wealthy Affiliate University?

Wealthy Affiliate University is an All-in-One Platform that offers the most current and relevant training on creating income online. If you want to learn how to start an online business for free, then you need guidance from experts who help people succeed in doing just that.

Important Information to Consider:

  • What does the WA University offer?
  • What type of online training will you receive?
  • Are there any costs incurred in using WA?
  • How can you get started with WA?
  • Who can succeed with WA?

Continue reading for the complete details, or follow this link if you’d like to skip ahead to see my FULL REVIEW with Pros and Cons.

My Wealthy Affiliate QUICK-LOOK-REVIEWAbout WA

Brand Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Cost: Free Starter Membership, $29.92/month Premium Membership (when paid annually)

My Review Rank: 4.8 / 5

Wealthy Affiliate University – LEARN. BUILD. EARN.

WA offers an easy-to-follow, step-by-step program designed with new entrepreneurs in mind.

Experience or no experience, WA is your best option for learning what it takes to build passive online income.

With TWO Memberships available, there is a path for everyone to follow, and the value you receive with either membership is unmatched in the industry.


How Much Does the Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership Cost?


That’s right. ZERO. They actually offer an honest and legitimate FREE trial.

You do NOT have to provide any credit card information.

In fact, all you need is an email address.

What Do You Get With The Free Starter Membership?

  • TWO FREE professional websites
  • FASTEST website setup available
  • FREE HOSTING for those two websites
  • INSTANT training and support (including 24/7 access to 20 online lessons)
  • Plus 7 days of free Premium benefits to explore your business options!

Here’s a preview of the FREE online lessons included with your Starter Membership…

Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) – 10 FREE lessons:

This 10-lesson course will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates income in any niche market.

Have a hobby? Have an interest that you would like to market online and monetize as a business? Interested in opening an e-commerce store? Already have a brick and mortar or online business that you would like to scale to earn more?

This training course will teach you how to make money online with your website.

  1. Getting Rolling!
  2. Understanding How To Make Money Online
  3. Choose a Niche
  4. Building Your OWN Niche Website
  5. Setting Up Your Website
  6. Getting Your Site Ready For Search Engines
  7. Creating Your Initial Website Content
  8. Creating Custom Menus On Your Website
  9. Understanding Keywords, The Start Of Your Content
  10. Congratulations and Your Next Steps

(There are 40 more lessons in this course, provided to Premium members!)

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp – 10 FREE lessons:

This 10 lesson course will walk you through the steps of creating a business to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

There are millions of people who would love to work from home, or start an internet business. You can become an online marketer and share the expertise of Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. Getting Started!
  2. Choosing Your Direction
  3. Building Your Website
  4. A Website Look Around
  5. Activating Your Plugins
  6. Getting Your Website Ready For SEO
  7. Your Initial Framework of Content
  8. Understanding the Keyword Research Process
  9. Creating Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews
  10. The Exciting Journey Has Begun

(There are 60 more lessons in this course, provided to Premium members!)

You can choose which series of lessons to take, or complete both! However, it is highly recommended to complete one before starting the next!

Free Website Builder

The Wealthy Affiliate PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP

How Much Does the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Cost?

First Month: $19

Monthly thereafter: $49

Yearly Option: $359

[ The yearly option = $29.92/month. That means you can get Online Entrepreneur Certification for less than $1/day. But keep reading! I’ve learned how you can get the Premium Membership for FREE also! ]

What Do You Get With The Premium Membership?

As a Premium Member, you gain access to:

  • an additional 10 classrooms
  • an additional 100 lessons
  • weekly live online classes with a live Q&A session
  • hundreds of hours of recorded live class training
  • live community chat and private message support
  • additional community training tutorials and videos
  • full access to the Website Engagement Platform
  • opportunity to qualify for the Ambassadorship Program
  • as well as website hosting and support for 50 WEBSITES!

Yes! FIFTY websites!

And, since Wealthy Affiliate is global, you can access all of this 24 / 7.

Imagine the online potential you’ll have when you can duplicate your efforts.

Once you’ve built one website, you can easily begin the process again, as many times as you’d like for up to 50 websites, with NO additional membership cost. That’s unheard of anywhere else!

Why is there a Fee for the Premium Membership?

In order to have a website online, you have to pay a provider hosting fees. (per website!)

If you wish to have a secure website (really, a necessity for business sites), you have to pay for an SSL Certificate. (per website!)

At Wealthy Affiliate, those two things are provided to you in the Premium membership, and for MUCH less than if you were to outsource the services.

So, you receive training, a website builder, support, and up to 50 websites with hosting and SSL certificates, but your’re only being charged for the first one!

Who Provides the Hosting?

Powered by Wealthy Affiliate, SiteRubix Hosting provides everything your website needs. So when it comes to the technical side of things, it’s all done for you behind the scenes.

Account Features included with the Premium Membership:

Premium SiteRubix Website

To learn more about SiteRubix, see this article: FREE Website Building, Hosting, and Support

How You Can Become a Wealthy Affiliate PREMIUM Member For FREE

Even though Wealthy Affiliate offers their Premium Membership for an unbelievably low price considering everything that’s included, there are ways to cover that cost!


1. Refer 3 people to the WA platform.

You will receive a referral commission for each, which will cover your cost. These can be personal referrals, or customers/clients who learn about WA from your new website. (This is particularly effective if you are looking to build a website marketing to others who want to build an income online, or to those in the make money online, or work from home niche.)

  •  Note: This is NOT an MLM program. You are simply paid a referral commission.

2. Participate in the Site Comments area of the WA Platform.

When visitors comment on your website, Google pays attention. The more active your website, the better chance it has of gaining rank on Google (and other search engines), and of people organically finding your website when doing an online search.

Site Comments provides the WA Community with an organized method of offering and requesting comments. This gives every member a helping hand in growing their website.

After you complete 50 comments, you become a Certified Commenter, and can get paid $0.50 for each comment that you subsequently write.

Little by little, that adds up! This is probably the easiest way of paying for your own Premium membership!

3. Create your own Training Tutorials and Videos to share on the WA Platform

That may sound out of reach at the moment, but if you complete the Online Entrepreneur Certification Training while building out your first website, you will learn how to share training with tens of thousands of people on the WA platform.

After you’ve been a Premium Member for three months, the training that you create and publish can earn you money. The more trainings you create and share, the more you get paid!

4. Monetize your Website.

The very reason that most people join WA… to make money online! So while you build your site, you will learn how to place affiliate links, how to place ads, how to use social media to market your website, etc.

When you start earning income, you invest a little back into yourself to maintain the very thing that led you to that income!

So, you see, there are several ways to cover the cost of your Premium membership. There is NO reason why anyone should miss out on making their dreams come true, when you are handed the key to the castle!

The BONUSES of the Premium Membership

Because I know the quickest way to success is through the Premium membership, I’m going a step further than providing optional ways to pay for it. I’ve included bonuses for anyone who uses the Premium membership to build their online business. I’ve already mentioned one of them, the discounted price (of $19!) for the first month of Premium, so you can see the full potential of building and scaling your business at Wealthy Affiliate.

The second Bonus is personal communication with me through the platform’s private messaging system. You can ask me questions about the platform or about your business, and get my feedback on your personal journey at WA. You can even ask me about my journey at WA.

The third Bonus is a video that contains insightful information that was released for Black Friday last year, and has been locked in the vault, so to speak. It helped me to scale my business, and it can surely help you to do the same.

Speaking of Black Friday, there is a fourth Bonus, which is a surprise that you’ll receive in your private messaging inbox. Hint: it has to do with an extra discount. (I’m all about saving and making money!)

What’s the Best Way to get Started?

Though I just gave you 4 ways to cover the cost of the Premium membership, I still recommend starting with the Free Starter Membership.


Because, this gives you the ability to access the platform, begin the training, and start building your website with no initial out-of-pocket cost. Plus, the only information you need to give to WA is your e-mail address. So…

Train and build immediately, and then decide, after you’ve been active on the platform, which method to use above to pay for your Premier Membership. Joining as a Premium member will add value to the growth of your business. So take advantage of those additional benefits without any additional cost. (BTW… after you’re making money, the membership fee will seem incredibly insignificant.)

What are my Final Thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate?

My Wealthy Affiliate FULL-REVIEW:

Brand Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Cost: Free Starter Membership, $29.92/month Premium Membership (when paid annually)

My Review Rank: 4.8 / 5

Right now, Wealthy Affiliate offers the best value in the industry for a comprehensive training and support platform that allows you to start building a website the first day you join.

WA is optimally designed to teach you the most effective ways to promote and monetize your website.

Whether you wish to create a blog, a media gallery, an online store (woo commerce), an affiliate marketing site, a non-profit site, a charity awareness and donation site, or an SEO strong online presence for your local small business, WA has the website builder you need, and you can access it at NO COST.

Wealthy Affiliate is designed, owned and operated by professionals with years of experience specifically in ONLINE business.

They specialize in teaching how to:

  • start a new online business
  • scale the online business you already have
  • expand your small local business with online growth

They offer training with:

  • No Experience Necessary
    • Begin building your first website immediately, no prior experience
      needed. (You do NOT need to know how to code!)
  • No Credit Card Necessary
    • The FREE Starter Membership is free! NO up-front cost. Earn as you learn.
  • No Worry Necessary
    • Receive continuously updated training in content, marketing, SEO and more.

They teach the 4 Steps to Success in detail:

OEC 4 Steps to Success

Why 4.8 / 5?

There are, almost, always Pros and Cons when you research something.

Let’s consider the Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate:


  • Free Business Startup in minutes
  • Free Website Tools
  • The best Training, Hosting, and Support in the industry
  • 24 / 7 Platform and Community access


  • Community access can be a distraction. Though this is completely an issue of the builder’s ability to focus on the current task, it needs mention.

The only Con with Wealthy Affiliate is that there is so much information that it can be overwhelming if you stray from the training. For that reason, I just couldn’t give it a solid 5.

So my advice? Stay on track! It is very organized. Follow the training, step-by-step, as provided. Let the training prove to you that it works for anyone ready to put it to the test.

Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need in one place, to take you from newbie to pro at your own pace.

It’s unbelievable what you receive with this platform. START FREE, and when you know you’re ready to invest in the Premium membership to access the additional benefits, then do so.

If you want to use the internet to create your next income, work from home, create new online passive income, or build an additional income stream into your portfolio, then the best training is waiting for you at Wealthy Affiliate.

Build YOUR Website Now!


Owner of BuildYourIncomeOnline.com


Comments (70)

  1. Reply

    I’m also a member of the WA community, Cris and totally endorse everything you have said.

    This article covers so much of what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, from the amazingly clear step by step training to the awesome help available, not just from the site itself but also from individual members of the WA community.

    And because it’s a world wide group, you’ll find that you can get an answer to any question you may have at any hour of the day or night. Often within seconds of asking the question.

    It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but rather how to build a long-term, sustainable business based on internet marketing.

    I would urge anyone who wants to get started in this business to take the first step by clicking on Cris’s “When One Click Changes Everything” button above.

    Phil Lancaster

    • Reply

      Hi Phil,

      Thank you for your comment, and testimony. You are absolutely right in your personal description of this business; it is true long-term, sustainable, passive income. I appreciate you sharing your perspective for my readers.

  2. Destiny


    Hi, I am a newbie to Wealthy Affiliate. I am just starting to build my first website to join the many making money online. I wish I had found this business opportunity sooner. It is amazing to get all of this training to take me through the process from scratch. I didn’t know much about online business before. I’ve only done a few lessons in the OEC so far, and I can already say that WA is indeed a home for entrepreneurs, even the newbies. I have every intention of staying to see this dream through to reality. Wealthy Affiliate IS the road to success.

    • Cris


      What a great comment to see from someone just starting out. Thank you for sharing your new experience here. I wish you much success this year, and I’ll see you on the platform!

  3. Whitedove1


    Hello Cris, 

    I absolutely love your article on Wealthy Affiliate. I am also a proud member of the Wealthy Affiliate University program, and it is definitely second to none in teaching people how to make money online. 

    In Wealthy Affiliate, we earn as we learn. It’s a life changing program and gives so much to its members. The access we’re given to all of the necessary tools, with support and live chat is unheard of anywhere else. Anyone looking to start a real online business of their own can put their trust in Wealthy Affiliate. I’ll be with WA for years to come.

    • Cris


      Yes, similar tools and support cost thousands with other programs, making the knowledge to start a business online only accessible to certain groups of people. WA gives everyone a path to their own online business.

  4. Dave Sweney


    A super thorough and useful post on how to start an online business using a proven platform that has helped many thousands of online marketers with training that has been refined over the years to keep members abreast of the latest requirements for such a business.

    As you say, people can get started for free with Wealthy Affiliate, and not even a credit card is required to set up an account. There are only a couple of platforms that I know of that have the confidence to offer this and with reason. Most simply do not measure up.

    The detailed drill-down that you provided here should be enough to convince any fence-sitter to give it a try. It only takes a couple of minutes to be up and running so they can see for themselves just how beneficial the Wealthy Affiliate University may be.    

    I can say this with conviction, as well as experience: The Wealthy Affiliate platform is the best on the internet when it comes to the training, the features, and the members. I have been with them for almost 4 years now, and would never consider leaving.

    What makes that all possible is that the owners continue to improve, innovate, and add new features to stay current. That makes it an essential piece of your online business. No matter what level of success you may have had over the years, the skills learned within Wealthy Affiliate are unmatched!

    • Cris


      Thank you, Dave. That’s a very helpful comment to those considering using Wealthy Affiliate for their training. Wonderful to hear your success story, and I wish you continued success in all of your online ventures.

  5. Vapz


    The Wealthy Affiliate University has truly become a life changer for so many people. Starting an online business has never been easier than this. Especially with all the free resources and websites. I only wish I had started with Wealthy Affiliate sooner. I’m glad I took the initiative and started out for free, and now as a Premium member, I enjoy every benefit of premium membership, from the additional training to the rich communication between members who have a wealth of experience and will gladly render help to anyone who needs it.

    • Cris


      Thank you for sharing your positive experience with Wealthy Affiliate. Such conviction in your words. They will certainly help others who are seeking the right training and community with which to learn the skills of online business.

  6. Brent


    This article is a really great overview of WA. Every detail given about Wealthy Affiliate is on point. I am a proud new member of Wealthy Affiliate and I have no regrets in joining a few days ago. The training given is actually top notch and I am really on course to financial freedom. I didn’t even know that this opportunity existed a few days ago, and now I’m running my own website! 

    • Cris


      That’s great, Brent! Welcome to the WA community! Thank you for sharing your new experience, and I look forward to seeing you inside the platform!

  7. Jon


    I did not know that wealthy affiliate was called a university but I suppose it is. This gives a great summary of what you get with each membership, but to those that are truly interested in being an entrepreneur I would upgrade to the premium membership. While it’s true there are no upsells, I’d highly encourage the upgrade. Things really started to build after I upgraded.

    • Cris


      Yes, the Premium membership offers the most streamlined progress. I encourage it’s use as well. Those who are able to go Premium immediately do have an advantage, but those who are not able can still get started. A path for everyone! Thank you for your comment.

  8. cpascal


    I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2017, and I’ve learned more about making a living from Wealthy Affiliate’s online University than I did from the real university I attended. It’s true that WA offers enough resources to get set up with an online business for free. That said, the paid membership is well worth it, and there are multiple ways that the membership can pay for itself.

    • Cris


      Yes, the training at Wealthy Affiliate is all-encompassing and very extensive. I have a business degree from a “real” University as well, and when it comes to online business specific training, I agree with you. 

      Aside from the massive amount of information we’re given access to, the step-by-step instruction is what makes this program amazing. You don’t learn, then implement. You learn and build simultaneously. Anyone can start free and make the determination as to whether building an online business is for them.

      I appreciate your comment! 

  9. Antonio


    I must say that you hit the ball out of the park with this WA review, as it covers everything I need to know about Wealthy Affiliate. The program seems very interesting and does seems to cover all aspects of affiliate marketing online. I am worried though about people pressing others into joining the scheme in order to pay their fees. Do you find this happens or is there some vetting process?



    • Cris


      Hi Antonio. Thank you for the kind words, and let me put your mind at ease. No scheme. This is an online program that provides training on building an online business via websites and online marketing. People can utilize many training courses for free, pay for additional training courses, use the program for as long as they like, or stop using the program if they so choose. 

      While there is absolutely no upselling of the Premium membership, it is highly recommended by those who have invested in it, as they know first hand the benefits it has provided them. I go a step further in my personal review, and offer ways to have the Premium membership fee covered, to help as many people gain as much knowledge as possible. No “pressing others to join,” though I do mention referring others, as there are so many people currently looking for an opportunity to make money online.

      I assume, as you are commenting here, that you are searching for information on how to start an online business. I sincerely hope you give WA a look. Start for free, and if it’s not everything you’re looking for in an online training program, then simply cancel your starter membership. It’s that easy. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

      Take care,


  10. Daniella


    Hi Cris,

    Awesome review of Wealthy Affiliate! I loved the reading!

    I am also a WA member since 2014, and I am hooked on this platform. This is by far the best place to build a thriving business online. We learn everything we need to know to become successful, and what we do with that, the sky is the limit!

    Even though I’ve been with WA a few years now, I continue learn new things, and this helps me develop my business. The community is lovely. There is always someone to help if needed, and that is very important. 

    Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience with WA, and all I can say is I would suggest this platform to anyone who wants to create a real online business.

    • Cris


      Daniella, always nice to meet a fellow WA member. Thank you for sharing your experience with WA here! I wish you continued success with your online business!

  11. Lee


    Thank you for sharing this review. I like how you’ve covered the all the relevant information about Wealthy Affiliate, and appreciate that you shared a good website for evaluating the program. Seems like Wealthy Affiliate is an opportunity for anyone, even those that have very little experience with the internet but want to tap into it to make an income. WA training is what sets it apart from any other online training platform I’ve seen. 

    • Cris


      One of the greatest things about it is that it’s designed to teach the inexperienced!

  12. RoDarrick


    This is an in depth review of Wealthy Affiliate as a leverage to starting a very profitable online business….to which, in my own opinion and situation, is just blogging and affiliate marketing. I began as a free starter member with the free limited access to the training programs on the platform. I only upgraded to premium when I was certain it is a legit platform. It has everything one could ever need to be a success online.

    • Cris


      Yes, exactly true for a large portion of the community I would say. There are several members that use the platform for their brick and mortar business, and several who build online stores for their own products, but even more who utilize the tools to blog & earn, or create online stores to promote other people’s products.

  13. LeNard Simmons


    Hi, Cris. Thank you for sharing how to start an online business for free with Wealthy Affiliate. I am a Wealthy Affiliate member myself, and must say you have done a great job detailing the program.

    The section that got my attention is how to become a premium member for free. Every item on your list makes good sense.

    I believe that WA is a great place for a person to get started in the affiliate marketing industry. Newbies will learn faster with WA because all training is geared toward helping you build an online business the right way. Wealthy Affiliate is not one of those “get rich overnight” things, but it does help you build a real internet business over time.

    • Cris


      As a fellow member, I appreciate you taking your time to share your thoughts here. While I fully support the Premium membership and all of it’s additional benefits, I know that some of my readers simply can not start with any investment. I aim to provide ideas that people can follow to get them on their feet without that stressful decision. I’m glad that it caught your attention!

  14. Lynne Huysamen


    I love that you include some of the ways that you can pay for your Premium membership through the WA website since many people that start out are simply not in a financial position to pay the monthly or yearly fee. 

    While there is a free membership I always recommend that members take the Premium account simply because it offers so much more and you will start to make money faster and easier than if you had to stay with the free account. 

    It does take a bit of time to start earning, as this is not a “get rich quick scheme,” as others have pointed out. It is a highly valuable training website that will teach you how to set up your own online business and how to monetize it. 

    • Cris


      You are absolutely right. Premium is the way to go to learn more, and earn more. I’m glad you can appreciate my section on how to get the Premium membership for free. There are a lot of people who can’t afford the cost immediately, but with some time, training and the right tools, they are able to get it covered and gain all the additional benefits the Premium membership offers. Thanks for commenting here.

  15. Henry


    Hi Cris! Thank you for this review of Wealthy Affiliate. I love the fact that you can get started for free and can have 2 websites right away. Your review details the free training, which looks pretty awesome. I’m wondering, among the modules, is there a section focused on coding? Is coding required to be successful with WA? I see the courses enter into many details and they seem to be up to date. Thanks in advance for your answer.

    • Cris


      No. Absolutely no coding experience is necessary to be successful with Wealthy Affiliate! The websites are built through professionally designed WordPress themes, and the training you receive is step-by-step, allowing anyone to build their own website without coding or programming anything. I recommend starting with the Free Starter Membership to check it all out.

  16. Adyns68


    Wealthy Affiliate is really an all-in-one platform. You get to build your website while you learn, and with every lesson your website content is getting indexed by search engines without you even realizing it. After completing all of the tasks within the lessons, I really saw my website getting better and my traffic increasing.

    Wealthy affiliate is really the place to be of you want to learn about making money online. Thanks Cris for sharing this informative post, and I wish a warm welcome to all the new people who give Wealthy Affiliate a chance.

    • Cris


      It is a great thing that while you’re still building and learning, Google is already finding your content. It’s a necessity to have traffic if you want to earn! Great to hear that your website is coming along nicely. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  17. Nuttanee


    I actually stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate when I was doing some research on another platform. Thank God I did not join that one because it was so expensive! I was reasoning that I have to invest my money in order to learn something new. While that is true, I got to try WA first WITHOUT investing anything. 

    Wealthy Affiliate won me over right away when it offered me the 2 free websites without my credit card information. Just my name and my email address! Just that, to me, was pure up front honesty and integrity.

    I tried the platform immediately and on my second day I was already hooked and decided to go for Premium! I really enjoy Jay’s live training and the people in the community sharing their experiences. I’m so glad I found Wealthy Affiliate when I did. It saved me so much money, and it’s the best platform. If you’re still wondering whether to give it a try…you should! Plus, it’s free! Why NOT give it a try right?

    • Cris


      There are definitely alternatives to WA, as the ‘make money online,’  ‘work from home’ and related niches are very popular. I, myself, was involved with another teaching platform prior to WA, and it cost thousands. When I found WA, I started the free trial, and saw that I could get so much more for so much less. The rest is history! Nobody offers the value that Wealthy Affiliate does for the price that Wealthy Affiliate does. And the ability to start for free to “kick the tires” first is unheard of in the industry. Thank you for sharing your experience and enthusiasm!

  18. Radu


    As a WA member, I can say that Cris is right about the quality of the services they offer. You get all the help you need to develop your online business. I already have a couple of websites that I’m working on and I love the courses that help me do that. I also agree with the CON. You do have to stay focused, mainly on building your content. Remain focused on the tasks until they’re completed and give it time. It’d be hard to fail.

    • Cris


      I always appreciate when a fellow member sees an article of mine, and takes the time to write a comment. Nice to meet you, and thank you for sharing your testimony!

  19. Alblue


    Hi Cris, thanks for the complete review of Wealthy Affiliate. A Facebook friend offered me to join this platform but I was insecure at first. There are so many online scams out there and I was afraid that this is also just another scam. Looking at your review here, I think I will try to check it out as a free member first. Is it possible to earn money as a free member? How long usually before we can expect to start earning money? Thanks

    • Cris


      Good questions. Yes, you can make money as a free member. However, if you want to earn more, faster, then you will want Premium access, as the additional training classes and other platform benefits will really help you monetize your website effectively. 

      While there are many here who make money in their first month, there are many others who don’t make money until the year mark. The difference? 

      Several variables: time dedicated to the business, how well the training is followed, the quality of work produced, etc. All factors that only you can determine. How motivated are you to make this change in your life? How fast do you want it to happen? How much time and effort are you willing to put into yourself? Are you really interested in a business to set yourself up for the rest of your life, or are you actually (secretly inside) hoping to find a scam for quick cash?

      You can NOT join something, do nothing, and make money. (That’s a scam!) You can NOT join something, put in minimal effort and make a lot of money. (That’s a scam!) You CAN join WA, follow the training, and create any income you desire online over the course of building and scaling your business. (That’s a long-term career!)

      I suggest starting as a free member, as most people do, then decide if the paid training course is the next step you want to take. If not, continue at your own pace with the free account. You have nothing to lose! I hope to see you on the training platform!

  20. Kelly Smith


    This is a great, comprehensive overview of Wealthy Affiliate. For someone who has been tirelessly searching for good information on affiliate marketing, this blog is the best I have seen. You go into detail regarding the benefits of the community, the cost (Free to start? Yahoo!), and all of the opportunities WA has to make money online. Thank you so much for your post!

    • Cris


      Thank you for the kind words, Kelly. 

      I agree, a Free start is great! Definitely take advantage, then check out the Premium membership when you’re ready to take your business to the next level. 

  21. Daniel


    Hello Cris, I must say that this review is very informative and helpful. I know so many people throwing money on some services like Clixsense, Neobux when real money is actually in Wealthy Affiliate. I am a member for nearly 2 years and I can’t describe how satisfied I am. Definitely, the best affiliate marketing training I could ever find. I also encourage all folks who want to earn passive income online to give it a try.

    • Cris


      Thank you, Daniel for taking the time to leave a comment with your positive experience at WA!

      I can’t say I’m familiar with the monetary incentive of those particular survey sites, but I do know that survey sites in general tend to be a big time waste, and income is not at all passive. Starting a business with WA and building a lasting website provides life-long value. Glad to meet a fellow member.

  22. Hollie Rose


    I love Wealthy Affiliate. The amount of information available is amazing and the support is endless. Making money does take some time. Any real business takes time and effort. You won’t get rich quick, but through consistent work people do make a lot of money! I can’t recommend it enough!

    • Cris


      Yes, with the owners and the community contributing new information daily, members are provided with the most current and relevant training. Support is second to none! 

  23. Nate MC


    I love Wealthy Affiliate. It’s one of the best platforms out there for newbies looking to learn how to build websites and profit from them. I don’t think people looking for fast money should get a WA membership though because WA is about teaching long-term sustainable online businesses, which takes some time to build. 

    • Cris


      Anyone who wants to learn how to create income online can benefit from the WA training!

      People who are looking for fast cash can still take advantage of building a business at WA. They’ll just need to also have a resource for the fast cash, as WA, like you said, is to create long-term online businesses which take time to build. Having said that, there are people who use the methods I mentioned to pay for the cost of the membership, as methods of continued income as well.

  24. Gwendolyn J


    I am into my second month as a Premium WA member and I love it. Everything I need is right here and my new website looks like I hired professionals to build and maintain it. 

    I previously had a few blogs I occasionally worked on but none of them looked as good or set up as fast as the one I have on WA. I closed those down and moved everything over here.
    In one short month, I had my own website, a domain that I own, and a growing understanding of what I need to do to make a living online. Just when I was starting to worry about traffic, I got a referral!

    Nothing can stop me now. I’m on the way up with WA  🙂

    Thanks for your help and I’ll see you on the WA platform!

    Gwendolyn J

    • Cris


      Hi Gwendolyn,

      It’s great to hear your loving your WA membership! There are many members who have done the same with websites they had hosted other places. It is nice to have them all in one place, and have the means to improve them. Glad I could help, and I’ll see you on the platform!

  25. The New Conservative Wave


    This is a very helpful post and website. It’s perfect for beginners who are needing guidance and help. I found this article to be very thorough and clearly stated. Exactly what I was searching for today. You answered a lot of questions for me. Great content and I will recommend it to anyone who is looking to get started in their own online business.

  26. Bobby


    Hi Cris! Just wanted to drop in a line here… some people don’t know what they’re missing!

    I joined up with WA about 2 months ago, having basically NO tech knowledge and no experience in the world of online business. Now, thanks to the extensive training provided within this online platform, I have a functional, cool-looking website that has already been recognized and indexed by Google! I’m more excited every day as I notice people coming to check out my site.

    Honestly, stumbling across Wealthy Affiliate was the biggest blessing for me. I’ve been looking for a way to get free of the whole working for other people scene, but everything online looks like a scam or a scheme. When I started looking into WA, I was immediately impressed by the MASSIVE group of successful online entrepreneurs that make up the platform. This is probably the most helpful and motivated group of people I have ever known. Their help has been crucial to me getting my website up and running properly.

    I’m all about anybody helping other people to find a way to break the cycle of the 9-5 grind, so your article here is right up my alley. Thank you for helping! I hope you have a wonderful week!


    • Cris


      Sounds like you’ve had a great start! The training and the community at WA are incredible. I’m glad to hear that you’ve been getting the help that you need in building your first website. Getting out of that 9-5 grind is just around the corner! 

  27. Strahinja


    I heard about Wealthy Affiliate a year ago and I checked the reviews. Most of them were speaking high for the community and trainings, and since joining was free I decided to give it a free try. I loved it so much I decided to stay and dedicate myself to affiliate marketing.

    I am still enjoying every new day with Wealthy Affiliate. This is because I managed to create a successful online business thanks to the training offered there.

    This review does a good job showcasing the great value of this platform.

    • Cris


      I don’t know of any other platform that has such an interactive and supportive community that helps build each other’s businesses. Being connected to WA is the best way to train and have 24/7 support by other entrepreneurs. Congrats on your success, and I wish you continued growth for years to come!

  28. Renata


    Hello Cris,

    I absolutely agree with the Pros and Cons you have mentioned in the valuation of Wealthy Affiliate. I am new here and the distraction is quite big for me, so I am trying with all my power to really focus on the website content creation and not to spend a lot of time socializing. It is a great network, and is great to have the feeling you are not alone in your effort, that everyone has the same goal and every time I need some advice or help, there is always someone (mentor or any other WA member) for me. I adore it. And when you get your new website evaluated and get constructive feedback, this has unbelievable value for you. I definitely recommend WA, especially the whole package you get with a Premium membership.

    Thank you for your post and looking forward to reading more posts on your site.

    • Cris


      Hi Renata,

      Thank you for your feedback. You are experiencing what a lot of people experience; that the community is so large that the constant feed of new information can feel overwhelming. It’s wonderful that there is such an active and helpful community, but you said the keyword here, “focus” and stick to the training. When you’re new, the training is priority!

  29. Trevor


    This is a nice comprehensive review. Your writing style is pleasant to read, and it’s very polished. I’ve been blogging for about a week now, and am enjoying all I’m learning. I’m hoping to start seeing traffic pick up in the next month or so, and hopefully some meager revenue in 4-6 months. But I think I need to improve my writing style.

    Sometimes I struggle with sounding too stiff and formal when writing. Do you have any suggestions on how I can improve the voice of my posts?

    • Cris


      Hi Trevor, and congrats on joining the blogging world! 

      My advice for you in regards to improving your writing style is… write more! This tends to appear naturally as you practice. Be yourself. Let your personality show. Remember that YOU are the reason that your readers return to your site. Keep writing, and you will find that your style finds you!

  30. DorcasW


    I feel like you have outlined in great detail here the information about Wealthy Affiliate training, and covered the online marketing procedures. This post has helped me with what information I was personally seeking. 

    People who stumble upon this post who are looking for an online opportunity to earn money from home need look no further. You’ve made it easy. They will only need to follow your helpful instruction, Sign up with the form for free, and start their home-based business from scratch. I was up and running in minutes just like you said! Thank you!

    • Cris


      Wonderful! Welcome aboard! Glad you found my review helpful, and I wish you all the best in your new venture. If you ever need a hand with anything, look me up on the platform!

  31. nick


    Hi, Cris!

    About a month ago, I did not know about Affiliate Marketing, nor had I heard of Wealthy Affiliate. Then, I started reading people’s reviews and you all seemed to say the same thing, how awesome it is.

    After a while, I finally decided to give it a try, since they provide a free trial… and it IS truly awesome!

    Everything you describe is actually available, and everything is so thorough.

    I’m now slowly starting, but I know that I’ll succeed one day! I’ll take any advice you have!

    Have a good day!


    • Cris


      Hi, Nick!

      Thank you for coming back here to share your great experience starting with WA! 

      My advice, in the beginning, is to follow the training program and build your website simultaneously. With video, you have the ability to play and pause as needed, so you can literally watch a step and immediately implement that step. It’s the fastest, most efficient way to get your site up and running.

      Search the database (of thousands of tutorials!) for additional info whenever you feel you need a little more direction, and reach out when you have questions! It’s the greatest community, and you will receive all the help you need on any topic!

      Since you are just starting, I think these articles will help you with your content writing:

      How To Earn Money Online With a Blog (+ Beginners Q&A)

      How to Write a Blog Post and Make Money (In 6 Steps!)

      Feel free to look me up on the WA platform, and I wish you the best in your new online ventures!

  32. Tom


    Hi Cris,

    I am also a Wealthy Affiliate member and I can say that you have outlined what it has to offer very well. 

    Personally, I liked the free membership to start, as it gave me an idea of what affiliate marketing is all about. It was a new concept to me, and I was still trying to decide what direction I wanted to go in with my online business. I can say it is definitely the way to go for newbies. I’ve learned so much, and I know I am going to have a profitable online business by using their training.

    • Cris


      Nice to meet you, Tom, and thank you for sharing your experience with WA!

      I, too, love the Free Starter Membership for that exact same reason. A lot of people who join Wealthy Affiliate have little to no experience building an online business. Starting for free allows entrepreneurs of all stages to come aboard, learn what it’s all about, and get a site up and running without any monetary risk.

      Even I started out with the free membership, and only upgraded to Premium once I saw my websites take off. It’s honestly the way that most people start with WA, and WA continues to offer that membership because they understand that people want to have some knowledge and confidence before jumping in with both feet.

      Glad to hear that you are finding the training useful to reaching your personal online goals. Wishing you much success!

  33. Jen


    Thank you for this article. I started the premium membership of wealthy affiliate about 3 weeks ago and I do think that I’ve gotten a lot of value out of it already. I was wondering is Wealthy Affiliate University different than Wealthy Affiliate? It sounds like it’s the same but I’ve seen and heard both names, so just wondering.
    I signed up for the free membership at first because of articles that were similar to this one. If I wasn’t already on board then I would join through your site. Your posts are very helpful, and your review of WA is right on point.

    • Cris


      Thank you, Jen, and Welcome to WA! 

      Yes, the two titles refer to the same business  🙂

  34. Darren


    Great article.  I am just starting out with wealthy affiliate and I already love it.  I am really interested in online business and affiliate marketing,  and love how wealthy affiliate is laid out.  The training is brilliant.  Along with the live chat, I don’t know how one wouldn’t succeed.  I have been a member for about 3 months and love how I can learn at my own pace. Every lesson has actionable steps, and I can see my website turning into the business I have been wanting online.

    • Cris


      Yes, the level of training and support is unbelievable. Since you are new to WA, I will point you in the direction of two things to help you along:

      1. How To Earn Money Online With a Blog (+ Beginners Q&A) – another article posted to this site with some good tips.

      2. The “Affiliate Programs” tab on the WA platform. This is a feature that was just rolled out this year. It integrates with our community action, showing reviews of affiliate products (searchable by niche), and provides options to all members without even leaving the platform. Brilliant! Check it out!

  35. AnnetteCristina


    Wow, really informative article. This covers everything. I use WA and absolutely love it. The training alone is first-class. After trying other programs in the past and failing, finding WA was a Godsend for me. I can’t recommend it enough. The 24/7 live chat has been so helpful each time I’ve run into something I couldn’t figure out. The fact that everything, including the live chat, is right on the WA platform, means no need to go to Facebook or anywhere else for community support. No one else has this! 

    • Cris


      It is definitely a unique convenience having direct access to the community rather than having to go to a social media platform for answers to questions regarding lessons. With 24/7 access to leaders and successful entrepreneurs who have already been through the program and can offer immediate answers, new members can stay on track.

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