There are many ways to make money online, and blogging is one of the most lucrative methods. Why? Because once you create a blog and publish it to the Internet, it is available to billions of people for as long as you keep it live. Each piece of content you write can continue to produce income for years to come. In today’s article, we’re going to teach you how to earn money online with a blog, and give you actionable steps to get started.

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What is a Blog, anyway?

Before we start talking about how to make money with a blog, we should cover some basics.

So, what exactly is a Blog?

Blogs are informational websites, providing unique content referred to as “posts” that are usually presented in reverse chronological order so that the readers will see the most current content first.

There are an infinite number of blog styles and topics, as can be seen when you search for anything online. Popular topics include sports, pets, travel, food, clothing, beauty, DIY, and MMO, or make money online. That is the niche that we at BYIO fall into. We are all about sharing information on different ways to make money at home, make money online, and how to achieve passive income through a personal blog website.

Why You Should Start Your Own Blog

There are three main reasons why people finally make the decision to start their own money making blog, and why you should, too:

1. The Desire for Time Freedom.

No one likes working an 8 – 5  job, only to get home, eat, sleep, wake up, and repeat. The ability to work-at-home can offer great flexibility, but unless you’re self-employed, you may still be on a clock. Being self-employed doesn’t always equal time freedom either. In order to achieve time freedom, your income must be passive.

2. The Desire for Location Freedom.

How would you like to be able to earn income from anywhere?For those who love to travel, there is nothing worse than only receiving one week of paid vacation a year. What if you could travel as often as you like, and still be producing or increasing your income? For the non-travelers out there, how would you like to be able to earn income from the comfort of your home, or favorite coffee spot?

3. The Desire for Unlimited Income.

No matter what your job may be, if you are employed, then you are trading time for money, and there is only so much time in a day. You are limited by the hourly rate or salary your boss determines for you, and the minimal annual raise is never enough. Instead of spending all your time working for a single income from someone else, you could be working for yourself, and creating multiple incomes in the process.

How to Start a Money Making Blog

The Steps to Starting a Blog are quite Simple:

1. Choose a Website Builder

2. Choose a Website Host

3. Choose a Unique Domain

Some bloggers simply use their name as their website domain. This can be a very smart decision, especially for general lifestyle bloggers, those wanting to brand themselves vs an alias or company name, or those who haven’t chosen a specific niche.

If you don’t use your name, then you want something catchy, not too long, and related to your niche (such as ours,

In either case, it’s best to have a .com, as they are the most used, most trusted extensions for a domain.

How to Create a Profitable Blog

WordPress is the most common website builder in the world. With years of experience in building ready-made sites for DIY users, they offer pre-coded sites and thousands of different themes to choose from. WordPress makes it easy to start a blog.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that not only provides the usage of WordPress sites, but also provides the training necessary to successfully build your own site and monetize it.

[ See my full Review of Wealthy Affiliate here, and why I recommend them ]

If you’ve never built your own website before, and your goal is to make money with a blog, then you’re going to want some direction on how make that happen. If you try to do it on your own, I promise, you will fail. It will take you longer to figure it all out, and you’ll quit before you make a dime.

Luckily, Wealthy Affiliate was created by, and for, those who specialize in online business, and they know that getting started in anything, no matter how promising it is, takes a level of risk in the eye of the consumer. That’s why they offer a Free Starter Membership. You can try it, and decide if you like it before investing any money. (no credit card is required to sign up)

Wealthy Affiliate provides a website builder, website hosting, and access to search or purchase any domains right there without having to use a third party site. It’s a true all-in-one platform to start your money-making blog.

Here’s how it works…

1. Go to Wealthy Affiliate:

2. Sign up for FREE.

3. Immediately build your first Free website according to the provided step-by-step training.

4. Want help? You’ve found the right place.

Sign up, and I will personally greet you on the WA platform because it’s my #1 business tool. Plus, you will have access to the largest online business community, ready to help you build a profitable blog or website.

Common Questions and Answers for Beginner Bloggers

Q: Do I need to be a writer in order to be a successful blogger?

A: No. Most bloggers are not writers when they first start their blog. They are people from all walks of life with varied experience in every industry imaginable, just sharing their experiences. They get a lot of writing practice throughout the process, and become writers.

Q: What do I write about?

A: What you already know, and what you learn! Bloggers do a lot of research. In an effort to present the most relevant information to their readers, (good) bloggers spend some of their “work” time researching niche topics that are of interest to their audience. This is why it’s important to have a blog that reflects an interest, passion, or hobby; something that you will continue to maintain and improve upon for years to come.

Q: What is a niche, and how do I choose one?

A: A niche, is a specific topic or group. It can be literally anything! Examples are anti-aging products for women, organic gardening, exercise equipment designed for short/tall people, anxiety relief, nature puzzles, DIY cages and accessories for guinea pigs, rustic decor, outdoor living, kids shoes, books for teens, creative holiday meals and desserts. Anything! The best way to choose is to pick something you have already knowledge or experience with.

Q: Do I need to know how to code?

A: No. If you use WA, there is absolutely no experience necessary in coding, programming, writing, blogging, or running a website. You will have all of the training you need at WA to start and maintain your new blog. All of the technical stuff will be done for you behind the scenes, and you’ll have full community support when you need it.

Q: Do I need to know how to use WordPress?

A: Not at all. If you use WA, everything you need to know, you will learn through step-by-step training, and it’s easy to follow no matter your background or work experience.

Q: How soon can I post articles to my new blog after I create it? (This question was asked below in the Comments section by our reader Tamika. Thank you, Tamika! To get your question answered, add it to the Comments at the end of this page!)

A: Immediately! Set up through WA takes mere minutes. There are a lot of elements that you can customize to make your blog look just the way you want it, but those personal touches happen over time. Content creation is the primary goal of a blog, so you can begin posting content immediately after you create your website.

Q: How will my blog make money?

A: Every website makes money either through sales of services or products. No product of your own? That’s okay. Most people sell other people’s products (have you ever bought something online from Amazon?) WA will teach you how to monetize your blog through the proper use of affiliate links and ads.

Is the Internet too Saturated to Make Money Blogging?

No! That’s like asking if there are too many songs recorded to continue making new music!

Every blog is unique, in presence and in content. Every blog attracts it’s own unique audience. No two bloggers will have the same influence on a reader. So, choose your niche, and build your brand!

Final Thoughts…

With nearly 4 Billion people world-wide completing their research and purchases online, blogging is a more lucrative business now than it’s ever been. (There are almost 8 Billion people in the world, so that number is still growing!)

Now is the time to earn money online with your own blog.

Let us help you, won’t you? Start Free here!


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Until now, what has stopped you from creating your own blog?

Are you ready to give blogging for money a try if you can start for free, with all of the necessary training and tools provided for you?

I check these comments daily, and respond to each personally. So, go ahead! Ask me your questions, or share your experience below!



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    Hi there, this is a very informative post on how to get started as a blogger and earn money online. I particularly liked the Q&A and it really tackles a lot of common questions people have. It really demystifies it all and makes it simple and easy for beginners to understand. For a beginner, how long would you say is needed to create your blog, get it set up etc before you can start to post?

    • Reply

      Thank you, Tamika, and I will add your question to the Q&A!

      The answer is 5 minutes! Of course, it will take you longer than that to write your content, but you can post immediately after setup which takes minutes.

      Though there are are many customizations that one can (and will) make to a blog as far as presentation goes, these are tweaks and changes that you discover and make over time to personalize your blog and make it unique. Your content is the “meat” of your site, so you want to start writing posts immediately. If you’re not familiar with WA, and are interested in some great tutorials to boost your learning curve and earn faster, check out this link!

  2. Reply

    Great information! What is the best way that you have found to make money with a blog? I’ve started blogging, but turning blogging into an income has been tricky for me. Any recommendations?

  3. Andrea


    Thank you for such an in-depth post. You have made things easy to understand. I am so tired of my corporate job – I NEED a way out. Maybe this is it!

  4. Derek Marshall


    There are many reasons to build a blog, mine is that I love to help people and I can do that through blogging. For another blog that I have it satisfies my own hunger for knowledge, I wish to know about the subject matter and share it with the world.

    • Reply

      You are absolutely right, Derek! Bloggers often have to research prior to writing their posts, and learn quite a bit about their niche. Private blogs and sites make up most of the information available to us online. It takes people like you, with a constant thirst for knowledge, to keep providing new info and opinions. So keep sharing, and helping! If you’d like to take a free course on how to monetize your current blog, see this page. You could use the income to maintain your blog (ensuring you’re able to keep it around for years to come) or fund a charity if you like!

  5. Reply

    Hi Cris, thank you for all this info. I had heard about affiliate marketing but thought I had missed the boat, and everybody was doing it.
    Putting it across like music makes me think differently. Imagine the world with no more music because of like-minded people like me.
    You have made me think again about starting affiliate marketing.

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