If you find the idea of building your own professional website causing you a bit of anxiety, you can relax. With the right information and tools, you can start building your first website immediately, and have it online in minutes. With SiteRubix, you can start with FREE website building, hosting, and support!

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What is SiteRubix?

An Introduction to your Free Website Builder:

Chances are you’ve heard of the Do-It-Yourself website company WordPress. WordPress was created over 15 years ago primarily as a tool for blogging. Fast forward to today, and it is used to build all types of website content featuring a template and plugin system that anyone can use.

SiteRubix is a simple, yet powerful, platform that teaches you to build your own WordPress website with provided step-by-step training and support. They’ve taken care of all of the technical aspects, so you can easily select a pre-built design to have up, running, and ready to customize fast.

Free Website Builder

How Do You Get Started with SiteRubix?

There are 4 Steps to Creating Your Website:

  1. You choose a Domain Name.
  2. You create a Website Title.
  3. You choose a Website Theme.
  4. You click BUILD.

It’s that easy. Within minutes, you are the owner of a professionally designed, optionally customized website. That’s why newbies and veterans both love to build with SiteRubix!

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Your DOMAIN NAME is your website address. (mynewbusiness.com .org .net etc) Think about what you want people to type into their browser (Chrome, FireFox, etc) to find your website. Choose words, or a short phrase, relating to what your website will have to offer your target audience.

Your WEBSITE TITLE is your Brand, or Company Name. Think of how you want people to remember you. This may be the same as your domain name, or a portion of your domain name.

Your WEBSITE THEME is your design. This is your website layout. This is everything creative you want your audience to see; format, colors, text placement, ad layouts, gallery pages, navigation menus, headline text or pictures, social media share buttons, etc.

There are several FREE professional website designs. If you try a theme, then later change your mind, you can simply select a different one.

[ If you want more options, there is an available upgrade with 7000+ to choose from! You can use the provided search to filter what type of theme you’d like to see (blog, woocommerce, corporate, sales, marketing, industry specific, etc), and then select from the styles presented. These are professionally designed, fully responsive, SEO optimized, and many are already translation ready. ]

SiteRubix is powered by WealthyAffiliate, who provides complete training and support so you can create exactly what you need for your business. You also have access to community tutorials and videos.

Learn how to build your site, how to get ranked in Google, how to monetize your site, how to use social media to reach your target market by the masses, and so much more.

Business Theme for Website Builders

What Does SiteRubix Offer?


You can efficiently and effectively build a highly professional and fully functional website without the need for a professional web designer.

You do not need to have any coding or programming experience whatsoever.

As your business evolves, and your needs expand or change, you can add new elements to your existing site, or change your theme completely with just a few clicks!


With an ever-increasing percentage of browsing done on tablets and mobile phones, you need a website that adapts to all devices and screen sizes. If you do not have a mobile ready website, you will be losing out on visitors, as well as sales!

Responsive Websites


You can feel confident in knowing that your websites are hosted on a state-of-the-art cloud network that was built specifically for online business!


Included with every website, and all managed behind the scenes by experts. You will never have to worry about the technical side of things, as SiteRubix sites are protected from spam, hacking, malware and other malicious activity for you, all while being kept optimized.

Free Website Building Protection


You are never alone in this venture. Aside from Site Support for technical questions, you have access to the community through Help Center. Ask a question and get instant response from other entrepreneurs who know the answer. Hundreds of thousands of website owners spanning all fields of business at your fingertips and willing to help… because they received help from the community when they needed it!

With a strict no spamming policy, this is a professional platform that provides an All-in-One solution for your online business needs.

What Exactly Are You Getting Here?

  • FREE professional website
  • FASTEST website setup available
  • FREE HOSTING for your new website
  • INSTANT training and support (including 24/7 access to 20 online lessons)
  • Plus 7 days of Free Premium access to the Wealthy Affiliate platform so you can test it out!


Free Website Builder


What Type of Lessons Do You Get Free Access To?

Here are some of the Lessons that get you started:

  • Setting Up Your Website
  • Creating Your Initial Website Content
  • Creating Custom Menus
  • Understanding Keywords
  • Getting Your Website Ready for SEO

How Can SiteRubix Offer Their Services For FREE?

You may be aware that it costs money to run a website. In order to even have a website on the internet, you have to pay a provider hosting fees. If you want your website to be secure (and, you do), then you also need to pay a provider for an SSL Certificate. Both of those costs will be ongoing for as long as you want the website online, and the costs are per website.

There are millions of people who would love to make money online, or work from home through their own website, but if you’re not sure how to get started, then paying out all those costs can be a bit of a turn off.

So, how can SiteRubix offer this Free service?

Well, it doesn’t last forever. It’s a trial; a Free Starter Membership to allow you to give it a go at creating an online income without the risk of any up front investment.

SiteRubix can do this because a percentage of the people who give it a try will realize that they love online business, and will continue to pursue it as their new career. You cannot escape the costs of owning internet real estate (if you want a website, you’ll have to pay the fees), but through SiteRubix, you can upgrade to the Premium Membership to take full advantage of highly discounted services. In fact, you are given the ability to run up to 10 websites without your membership ever increasing. TEN for the price of ONE!

[ To see all of the details of a Premium Membership, offered by Wealthy Affiliate, see How to Start an Online Business for Free with Wealthy Affiliate University ]

How Do Other Site Builders Stack Up?

In my opinion, they miss by a long shot!

There are other website builders. Of course there are. Online business is huge!

Typically, you pay a fee for the resources, or you get the resources for free but have to pay for hosting, support, etc. This means you would have to deal with several different sources, possibly paying monthly fees for each of them, and many have built-in upsells (red flag!).

That can all add up fast, to a cost MUCH more than the Premium Membership offered here.

What Do You Do Now?


This is a one-of-a-kind platform where anybody from anywhere can follow a step by step process to turn an idea of the imagination into a beautiful online reality.

The custom designed training, support, and tools included at SiteRubix set them apart from any other website builder.

This is designed by online business owners for online business owners, with all of the necessary tools and security measures considered and applied for you.

Get started for FREE, and decide after you’ve had some experience if online business is for you.


SiteRubix Free Website Builder


After you get your free SiteRubix website up and running, you can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, and how they can take your online business to the next level. If you opt for the Premium experience to reap the maximum benefits available to you, then look me up! I’m there to help you out as well. Be sure to read my article How to Start an Online Business for Free with Wealthy Affiliate University where I teach you 4 ways to get the Premium Membership for Free! That’s a steal!


I hope to personally meet you at Wealthy Affiliate!



Comments (10)

  1. Sherry


    Great article! Thanks for presenting the information in an easy to understand manner. I agree that the Wealthy Affiliate community is a great one to join! I highly recommend them. I am fairly new to joining and starting my own SiteRubix website and am wondering about the Premium membership. Do you not have access to certain community features without going premium? And some site features as well?  

    • Cris


      First off, Congrats on starting your own business! I’m glad to hear that you love being a part of the WA Community.

      Secondly, great question!

      You are correct. The Premium Membership provides additional training, tools, and platform access. Most people will start with the free membership, as you did. Some will continue with it throughout their website buildout, and find that they are content the basic business necessities. Others will make the switch to Premium to gain access to things such as Live Chat & private messaging (vs blog communication) with community members and the owners, the Feedback platform, the Comments platform, as well as advanced training classes, Live Video classes, extended site tool usage, and the ability to use the platform for 50 websites

      So it’s meant to help those ready to dig deeper, scale up, and earn more. Think of it as choosing to get your Bachelors, and stop there, or continue on to get your Masters. You win either way! You decide if and when you want to do more in your business.

  2. Nate


    I think SiteRubix is an excellent site builder and it’s newbie friendly. Both beginners and novices can benefit from using SiteRubix, in my opinion. I have personal experience with using SiteRubix and I can confidently say I am a fan of it. They make it easy for people to grow their sites too. 

  3. Queen


    Wow! I am thrilled to learn of this platform that can make it possible for me to build my own website without the hassles, because the thought of doing so has always been daunting, and I always had to look to professionals to handle the building.

    With everything you’ve listed about this platform, I see it as a great opportunity, especially if it does provide me an avenue to manage all my businesses in one place.

    I am also glad the platform is free to get started with. It will give me the opportunity to try out things and see how it goes. Thanks for the great info.

    • Cris


      Yes, it’s a great platform to “house” all of your online businesses in one place. I recommend starting with the free starter membership and testing it out, then if you find you like the organization, the functionality, and the tools, take a look at the WA Premium membership. The fee is very reasonable, and it costs the same whether you build one website, or fifty! If you already have more than one, you will likely save a lot of money by making the change.

      BTW… it’s very easy to transfer websites over from another host. 

      If you ever have any questions, you can look me up inside the platform  🙂

  4. Todd Matthews


    SiteRubix is by far the best all-in-one web hosting tool. I’ve been using it for hosting since October and it’s the first host of its kind where I get an SSL certificate included (with the Premium version), a website email, and is by far the easiest hosting tool I’ve ever used. For someone who has been looking to break into the internet marketing business since 2016 and had been building websites via trial and error, SiteRubix was my golden ticket for finally consistently building content for my websites. 

    • Cris


      Thank you for sharing your experience, Todd. Glad to hear that after some trials elsewhere, you have found SiteRubix to be your golden ticket!

  5. Ayockson


    Thanks for sharing this detailed information. The SiteRubix platform is indeed an excellent site builder for beginners and newbies. It’s beginner friendly! I really owe a big thanks to WA for this platform. Joining WA was my first time trying an online business and using SiteRubix was my first time creating a website of my own that I am very proud of. It was really easy to get started and the training was well explained. It gives great options to do a lot of customized things on your own and the result is a great new website. 

    • Cris


      It really is a great platform for online entrepreneurs of all levels, and definitely set up so that the newbie can follow through to the end result. Glad to hear your positive experience with the SiteRubix builder, and with WA. Thank you for your comment!

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