Cocolyze offers two free tools, the SEO Rank Checker tool, and the Keyword Planner tool. Self proclaimed to be the new solution for SEO, they’ve combined “rank tracking, page analysis, and artificial intelligence” to also provide several advanced tools for analyzing and improving SEO.

Intrigued, we decided to do some research.

In this review, you’ll find the following information:


Brand Name: Cocolyze


Owner: Tennessee

Cost: Free 30 day Trial, varied Business Plan pricing (see below)

My Review Rank: 4.6 / 5

Who is Cocolyze?

Cocolyze is a new company that has taken a different approach to analyzing search engine optimization. They have two headquarters; one office in France, and one office in the USA. Their mission is to make SEO easy (for us). They have a lot to offer on their website, and they reportedly have many additional things in the research and development stage.

They specialize in providing modern day SEO Analysis.

What Does Cocolyze Offer?

They Offer 2 Free SEO Tools:

1. The Keyword Planner Tool

This is Cocolyze’s free keyword research tool. Simply type your keyword or keyword phrase into the provided search box, click “Get suggestions,” and you will receive a list of keyword ideas that are similar or related to the keyword that you searched.

There are a lot of available keyword research tools. What is the best feature of this keyword research tool?

Unlimited searches. Forever.

You don’t even have to create an account. Just start using it. According to their website, you can utilize this free tool as many times as you like for free. Each search will yield the metrics necessary to decide whether to use that keyword or continue your search with a different related term.

Do you like to use PPC (Pay Per Click)?

The Cocolyze Keyword Planner tool will show you what the keyword will cost to run an ad campaign, and show you where the current level of competition stands.

Here is a screenshot look at the Keyword Planner tool:

Cocolyze Keyword Search

It looks like your basic keyword search tool with a search bar and submit button, but it also has dropdown menus for Country and Language, which is a unique and thoughtful feature. They can be used to narrow your search results to a specified geographical region. (Results are still presented in English in the US, and I would assume French in France)

2. The Free SEO Checker

This tool can be used to check any keyword’s performance with live SERP rankings. Check a keyword that you’ve ranked for against the top ten results, or check the results of a keyword you hope to rank for.

The analysis will return the quality of content, as a percentage, as well as the criteria which constitutes the percentage such as the use of the keyword(s), meta data, images, styling, backlinks, and load time.

They Offer Several Advanced Tools:

1. Website Checker

This is an analysis of all of your website’s pages, performed automatically every day.

How does it work?

The Cocolyze site analysis robot scans your website searching for data to analyze keywords, titles, content structure, and even image descriptions to check optimization and alert of important improvements or corrections, as well as any security risks. The audit optimizes your website for the best visibility to both users and search engines.

2. Rank Tracker

Check rank by keywords, by search engine, or by tag. Analyze your own site pages, or your competitor’s.

Create and manage keywords, then easily track their performance.

Stay informed with your current ranking, your rank history, your competitor’s ranking, and receive suggestions to stay in the top ranks.

3. Rank Drop

Have you ever checked your rank to find that is has dropped from the position it previously held? Did you wonder why that happened? Did you have any way to analyze the why, and remedy the situation to get back up in the higher ranks?

What causes a drop in Rank?

  • less user engagement due to possible broken links, or lost pages
  • change or removal of your keyword(s) from your title or headings
  • change in your content that has rendered it less relevant than your competitor
  • change in your competitor’s content that has rendered it more relevant than yours
  • change in your website’s internal links that direct to the affected pages
  • change in Google’s algorithm (again)

How does Cocolyze help you recover from a rank drop?

Cocolyze alerts you of any change, be it yours or your competitor’s, that has affected, or may affect, your rank. It will tell you the reason for the change, or anticipated change, so you can make the necessary adjustments to your strategy.

4. Backlink Checker

Whether you intentionally incorporate backlinks into your marketing strategy, or not, if your website gets any decent amount of traffic, it will inevitably end up with some backlinks naturally. Good quality backlinks can be great for SEO, while bad backlinks can be detrimental and sometimes lead to search engine penalties.

How does Cocolyze do it?

“We use a database with more than 8000 billion backlinks, regularly updated to detect and analyze the quality of your backlinks.”

They can also alert you of any lost links and help you get them back. There’s a time saver.

5. SEO Reporting

SEO Reporting can offer a lot of information as to your website’s niche relevance, appeal, and user engagement. If you follow your activity, it can help you to improve your content and presentation, thus improving your rank in the search engines.

Cocolyze offers customized reports that are delivered to your email inbox daily, detailing all of the important metrics in an easy to understand overview.

6. Competitor SEO Tracking

Knowing your competition in any industry is important. You can learn crucial information, and even increase your own SEO rank, by tracking your competitor’s rank.

Cocolyze states that “82% of rank changes are caused by competitors updating their strategy.”

So most of your rank fluctuations aren’t even provoked by your own hand!

At Cocolyze, you can track as many as 20 competitors, and use their activity to your advantage.

Who is Cocolyze For?

Cocolyze is a platform for businesses of all sizes needing SEO analysis (which is anyone who owns a website).

How Much Does Cocolyze Cost?

Cocolyze offers a Free 30 Day Trial, with no credit card or contract required to sign up.

When you join, you get access to all of the tools listed above. If you love it, and choose to continue, then you provide the required information to pay for the complete service. Not your thing? You can still continue to use the free tools (Keyword Planner / SEO Checker) for as long as you like.

The cost to continue using the full service beyond the free trial varies depending on the size of your business.

There are currently 4 Business Plans:

1. Startup – up to 5 websites, from $13.48 per month

2. Pro – up to 50 websites, from $67.03 per month

3. Agency – up to 100 websites, from $126.53 per month

4. Enterprise – up to 200 websites, from $364.53 per month

Why the odd amounts? These are calculations based upon paying the annual cost up front, which gives you the lowest cost available. If you would rather pay monthly, the cost would be significantly higher per month.

For additional Business Plan information, directly from the Cocolyze website, click here.

About Training and Support

Cocolyze has both a Help Center and a Blog on their website to assist customers.

The Help Center provides:

  • Guides – such as Getting Started and How to Optimize Your Website
  • Subscription and Account Information – such as how to change or cancel your account
  • Advanced Usage articles – which provide Q&A of common scenarios such as:
    • keyword list making
    • sharing your Cocolyze campaign
    • adding or deleting a competitor from your tracking list
    • why a backlink isn’t detected
    • and much more
  • Scores and Indicators list – which provides information on:
    • domain reputation
    • search volume
    • spam rating
    • cost per click
    • seo value
    • and much more

The Blog provides:

Blog Posts – which offer a wealth of knowledge through articles that are displayed in a beautiful Pinterest style eye-catching format. There are articles covering all realms of writing, presenting, and tracking website content.

Here are some examples:

The Rise of Voice Search in the SEO World – an interesting article with some useful statistics on how many people are opting to use Voice Search over manual search, and how it can affect your SEO and your user engagement. Question: How popular is voice search, and how is Google response involved? Hint: it is extremely important to have a mobile friendly website, and including a Q&A can greatly improve your chances of being found in the SERPS!

7 Reasons Why Blogging Can Achieve Good SEO Results – “#1 – Blogs create quality backlinks. Your ever expanding pipe system of SEO juice.” Read all the details plus 6 more Reasons it pays to Blog!

How to Contact Cocolyze:

Cocolyze can be contacted via an e-mail form provided on their Contact Us page, or directly at

They can currently be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Cocolyze Pros and Cons


The Pros:

    • Free 30 Day Trial
    • Affordable Business Plan pricing for those who can pay annually
    • Excellent portfolio of tools and reporting for all SEO needs
    • Access to very useful articles in their Blog (If you’re a website owner, you should read their blog even if you don’t use any of their site tools. I found several quality articles in a very clear and simple presentation.)
    • Good Customer Reviews

The Cons:

    • Cost of paying per month, if you should prefer it, is 43% MORE! Ouch!
    • The Enterprise Business Plan allows tracking of only 20 competitors, the same as the Startup Plan. You would think if someone has 200 websites, they may need to be able to track a few more than 20 competitors. The number is great, though, for Startup and Pro Plans.

I won’t say it’s a Con, but I will restate that Cocolyze is new. However, with a free 30-day trial, there is nothing to lose. So take advantage of their free trial prior to paying for their tools.

My Cocolyze FULL-REVIEW:

Brand Name: Cocolyze


Owner: Tennessee

Cost: Free 30 day Trial, varied Business Plan prices

My Review Rank: 4.6 / 5

Why 4.6 / 5?

To be clear, Cocolyze doesn’t actually provide any SEO services. So if you are looking for someone to perform your SEO for you, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

What Cocolyze does provide is a full platform of tools to enable you to achieve SEO on your own. All of their work is in the tools they’ve created to effectively analyze your data, and give you the results as well as any necessary action steps to improve those results.

Spend 10 minutes on their website, and you’ll see that they offer a full package. The price to retain full access to all of their tools for the Startup Plan is right in line with industry competitors offering similar tools. What Cocolyze states sets them apart from other SEO platforms is their unique algorithms and presentation of data, some of which can clearly be seen through their website images.

They offer a full 30 days free to test their tools, no credit card or contract required.

While their number of keyword units, pages, and backlinks increase with each plan, the number of competitor sites remains at 20 across the board. I find that a little odd. If ever they should read this article, maybe they will put that in their comment box for reconsideration. However, you do get a lot of bang for your buck here. A lot of usable information.

If you are looking for an SEO platform, or looking to make a change from your current platform, Cocolyze makes a strong argument to be worth the consideration. I certainly plan, at the very least, to continue to use their Keyword Planner tool.


[ To review the SEO platform I currently use, click here. ]


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What SEO and Rank Checker Tool are you using?

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  1. Reply

    This looks like a great new seo product. You wrote them a compelling review, too. I might try it free for 30 days and see what the stats are before and after. I’m really interested in the reporting aspect of it. Intrigued like you said. Thanks for the info.

    • Reply

      Your welcome, Tim. From the reviews I’ve read, people are seeing a noticeable difference in before and after stats. If you think of it, come back after you test it out, and share your experience! I appreciate your comment.

  2. Reply

    I thank you so much for this review. I just went over to their site via your link and tried their program. I liked it very much. So much so, that I signed up for the 30 days free trial. It looks like a great tool to use in the blogging industry. Thanks.

    • Reply

      You’re welcome, Ruthlyn. It should be an excellent resource for you as a blogger. Not only will the stats for your own website be useful, but the ability to track other blogging sites (competition) and compete for ranking will be helpful as well. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it. I’d love for you to return after you’ve used your free trial and share your experience!

  3. Reply

    Hi Cris,

    You did a really good job in presenting what Cocolyze can do to for an online business. I must say, it’s one of the few well-written reviews I’ve seen lately. You had me glued to my screen from your intro til the end.

    I have a blog post that used to be on the first page of Google until the other day. I am currently investigating why my rank has dropped and this post has given me another insight into finding the answers to my questions. Thank you.

    Just a quick question, with regards to Cocolyze Keyword Tool’s dropdown menus for country and language, does this mean they are a multi-language platform?


    • Reply

      Thank you, Marissa. Good question. All of the information through their US website is presented in English. What the Country and Language dropdowns are used for is additional targeting to narrow your search results further if you are marketing in a particular geographical region.

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