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My Story

I knew from a very young age that I would be an entrepreneur.

I acquired my first job as a paper delivery girl at 8 yrs old, and I took the responsibility very seriously. I delivered the papers on time, to the porch or otherwise desired location (not the driveway or the bushes!), and in return for my dedication, I received awards for community service and leadership.

When I was old enough, I began babysitting. I spent many afternoons and nights after school serving the young parents in my neighborhood, until I turned 16 and could get a “real job.”

I worked my way through high school and college, with dreams of owning my own business.

“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.”

When I graduated, I started my own business. I was a licensed financial planner working through a firm in which I could help people invest in their retirement. I enjoyed it, but I sought something more.

As life would have it, the winds eventually changed. I moved across several state lines, which meant transferring my clients to another planner, and contemplating whether or not I should start all over in my new town.

Married and ready to start a family, I chose, instead, to pursue several non-conventional methods. I studied online marketing, affiliate marketing, multi-level-marketing, etc. I read success books. I attended leader conferences. I dabbled in several different opportunities, making money online, but never reaching my biggest goals.

Well into adulthood, and after years of proclaiming to forever be psychologically unemployable, I stayed the course; searching for the one thing that was going to give me my big break.

And wouldn’t you know, I FOUND IT.

Why I Want to Help You

There’s a saying that I first heard over 20 years ago that still resonates with me today…

“Don’t recreate the wheel.”

Time lost through inefficiencies is time wasted.

The fastest way to effectively learn something new, is to do so by someone who has already conquered it.

My Mission

1. Teach the Law of Circulation:

The law of circulation states that all things in the universe are always flowing in circulation but at an ever expanding rate. What you give to one person, you will receive from a different source. So you don’t have to give with the expectation of receiving back from the same person you give to, but knowing that it will definitely come back to you multiplied from other sources. It works according to the law of cause and effect,  where the universe always mirrors back to you whatever you do.”   ~ mindreality.com

Simply stated:

“What we give, is what we can expect to receive.”

If you should decide to work within WA, you can expect that I’ll be there to help you succeed, as are many other entrepreneurs.

2. Teach Current Methods of Producing Passive Income Streams:

This website is designed to offer you the most successful and secure online marketing training platform of our time. Yes, we offer information on real work-at-home jobs, and how to work online from home, but the best money is recurring money; money that will be there even when you don’t “clock in.”

That information is here…




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